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The Reason For Our Success

CGA COMMERCE, LLC has recently opened its doors to co-investors, by Private Invitation only, to participate in CGA COMMERCE, LLC Real Estate Investments.  Now other investors will have opportunity to profit from real estate investments researched and formed by CGA COMMERCE, LLC and their specific Real Estate Investment Team. 

CGA COMMERCE, LLC (CGA), is a 7 year old private Real Estate Investment Limited Liability Company with 95 combined years of contracts and property ownership and management experience.  Our mission is to focus on your Real Estate Financial Investment needs. 

Mission Statement

CGA COMMERCE knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

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  •  Visionary Events - Visionary Events (V.E) is one of our information and property asset sources that help CGA COMMERCE, LLC become engaged in today’s real estate markets. V.E. helps us put proven Real Estate strategies and principles into action. Visionary Events works with a variety of different assets, helping to work deals throughout the country.  V. E. is a system of support that provides CGA COMMERCE, LLC with the strategies, tools, and information to make informed Real Estate Investments with minimal risk for CGA and CGA's Investors.

  • COPLEY FINANCIAL GROUP, Inc.. - Helping to Grow and Protect Family Wealth with a goal of leaving a substantial financial legacy. 

            Matthew David Copley is a financial advisor employed by Gradient Advisors in San Diego, California. Matthew is registered

            with the SEC as an Investment Advisor, which is defined as someone who is paid to provide advice about securities. 

            Matthew Copley is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

  • STARKER SERVICES;  Their sole function is to provide a staff of highly trained  professionals available to discuss exchange strategies, as well as  preparing accurate documentation supporting all forms of tax deferred  exchanges (ie: simultaneous, delayed, construction, reverse and personal  property exchanges). The Starker staff of exchange counselors and regional  managers pulls from diverse backgrounds in law, accounting, banking, real  estate brokerage, appraisal, investing, and property management.  Security, Service & Success For  Over 20 years.

  • SAN DIEGO SUNRISE PROPERTY MANGEMENT; Delivers the  quality service, programs and processes that clients appreciate. As a  company with a proven record of solid property operations, they know how  to provide superior real estate management, managing properties  throughout Southern California and Arizona.

  • PROMUS COMMERCIAL: They have a unique combination of  skills. From due diligence to leasing, management to upkeep, they will  let you know everything necessary to ensure a property’s success.   Owners concerned with increasing cash flow and market value work  with Promus Commercial – southern California's premier commercial  property management and leasing firm.

  • KIMBALL, TIREY & ST. JOHN LLP, LAW FIRM - Proud Service Since 1977,  San Diego, CA.  They are a statewide, full-service law firm, which has been  representing owners and managers of commercial and residential rental  property in California since 1977. We are proud to represent many of the  largest owners and property management firms in the state and country.  We are also privileged to serve thousands of smaller owners who look to us  for guidance and assistance with their legal needs.  Currently, we have  experienced attorneys in six strategic locations in California.  Impeccable  Reputation:  Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP, the recipient of the highest  accolade from Martindale-Hubbell, the preeminent rating service, offers a  full range of legal services for the real estate community. –



Dr. G. L. "Greg"  Aldana, CEO,  M-619-315-6841.
Carol Aldana, CFO,  M-619-315-8499.




Private Real Estate Investment Group



  • CGA COMMERCE, LLC is a private Real Estate investment and management, Limited Liability Company with current real estate assets totaling over $6,000,000 in San Diego County.

  • Available Line of Credit to help our Investors purchase properties for ALL CASH.   


  • Dr. Greg Aldana, Principal & CEO, has over 20 years experience as a Contracts & Subcontract Administrator in the Aerospace Industry, 25 years experience in multi-family property management with a PhD in Economics, Masters in Communications, Masters in Theology, and a Bachelors in Business Administration. 

  • Carol Aldana, Principal & CFO,  with over 18 years of experience as Senior Vice President & CFO of independent banks, a Bank Consultant, and a Bank Auditor,  6 years experience in commercial real estate management, and 26 years experience with Multi-Family properties .  Carol Aldana has a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Communications. 

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